Tropski rastlinjak
University Botanic gardens Ljubljana
Ižanska cesta 15
1000 Ljubljana

tel.: 0038614271280

You can visit Botanic Garden:

On foot

nabrežje ljubljanice, ljubljanica, ladjica, ob ljubljanici, do botaničnega vrta, turizem ljubljanaThe most beautiful walkway and bicycle path from Prešeren square to the Botanic Garden is along the right bank of the river Ljubljanica. It is also an excellent opportunity for sightseeing. No matter whether you arrive by bike, on foot or by boat, at Špica cross the footbridge and the only thing between you and the entrance to the Botanic Garden will be the road Ižanska cesta. At Špica, their is also a BicikeLj station. 

On foot from main train and bus station 

If you come to Ljubljana by train or by bus, on the main bus station change on the city bus.

bicikelj, mestno kolo, špica, citybikeOn foot from Ljubljana Castle

You go to the Dolenjska cesta and then cross Karlovški most (bridge).

By bike

On Špica is bicycle station.

With boat

Instead of a pleasant walk, you can also choose to view the city from the surface of river Ljubljanica. Water Trail begins at harbor Ribji trg (Fish Market) on Cankarjevo nabrežje ladjica, vožnja po ljubljanici, z ladjico(Cankar Quay; near Tromostovje - the Triple Bridge), passing under Čevljarski most (the Shoemakers’ Bridge) and Šentjakobski most (the Saint Jacob’s Bridge) all the way to harbour Špica, where the boat turns around and floats up to Zmajski most (the Dragon Bridge) where it turns again and returns to the harbor at Ribji trg. To view the Botanic Garden, exit at Špica. For any additional information contact the Tourist Information Centre Ljubljana-TIC or ask on the boat.

With bus

To visit the Botanic Garden, you can also ride with city buses No. 2 (station Gornji trg), No. 3, 3B, 3G (station Gornji trg, Privoz or Strelišče), No. 11, 11B (station Gornji trg or Privoz) and no. 27 (station Orlova).

Temporary detour, because Ižanska street in closed between 9.1.2023 to 30.6.2023.

With train

Nearest train station is Ljubljana Rakovnik from there you go on foot to the Botanic Garden in direction Ljubljana Castle.

With car 

Temporary detour, because Ižanska street in closed between 9.1.2023 to 30.6.2023.

If you are coming by car from the direction of Štajerska (Styria), drive in the direction of Novo Mesto along the eastern city of Ljubljana ring-road, trough tunnel Golovec. Just after the tunnel, the road splits - keep to the direction for Kočevje or the direction of Ljubljana-jug (Ljubljana-South). In first intersection with traffic lights, turn right (towards the city center) on the road Dolenjska cesta. You drive along it up to Karlovški most (Bridge Karlovški) before which you turn right and follow the sign for the Botanic Garden.

If you are coming by car from the Primorska or Gorenjska direction, select the Ljubljana ring-road exit Ljubljana-zahod (Ljubljana-West) and you will find yourselg on road Tržaška cesta, where you direct yourself towards the city center. You drive straith along road Tržaška cesta, continue to the road Aškerčeva cesta, then Zoisova cesta and Karlovška cesta up to Karlovški most (Bridge Karlovški) after which you turn left and follow the sign for the Botanic Garden.

On the Ljubljana ring-road you can also select exit Ljubljana-Center. You drive along road Barjanska cesta, thenyou  turn right on road Hladnikova cesta, then turn left (towards the castle) on road Ižanska cesta. You continue driving on road Ižanska cesta until you reach the entrance to the Botanic Garden, which is on the right side of the road.

Another option is to drive straight road Barjanska cesta, continue along roads Riharjeva cesta  and Kolezijska cesta, then turn right on road Zoisova cesta. Afterwards, drive straight ahead Zoisova cesta and continue on Karlovška cesta until you reach Karlovški most (Bridge Karlovški) behind which you turn left and follow the signs for the Botanic Garden.

Near the Botanic Garden there is no parking space. You can park on the lawn by the fence, but public parkings are along river Ljubljanica, near Špica, from where you can come to the garden on foot, across the footbridge.

Buses may park at the intersection of roads Hladnikova cesta and Ižanska cesta, opposite the inn Livada.